DoitForDil - September 2017

Paul Diligent

Dear all,

Is it possible that we, as a community, can move 1,000,0000 miles in September?? I think YES but I need your help!

Million Miles for MS is a commemorative event for my late Uncle Paul Diligent. Paul, or Dil as many knew him. He was a popular and lovable character known for his wicked sense of humour and his relentless lust for life. Paul was a valued resident of the Cheshire Home, taking part in many fundraising events. One of his last and most well known was completing the Guernsey Marathon on a Hand Bike. No challenge was too big for Paul, which is why we have decided to try and hit this massive target in his honour. Paul loved people, thrived when involved in something and always embraced new things.

For these reasons, this seems a perfect event to celebrate his life and bring awareness to MS. We want and need anybody and everybody to get involved. Whoever you are, this is an opportunity to get out and get moving, and remember, anything that clocks up miles can be counted so we are hoping the whole of Guernsey can all be involved in this together. The challenge will begin on September 3rd, the date on which Paul died in 2015. From September 3rd until September 30th we, as a community, need to try and clock up 1,000,000 million miles moved! Anything and everything (non motorised, aside from mobility scooters/wheelchairs etc) is counted so running, walking, swimming, rowing, scooting, cycling, spinning, skateboarding...the options are endless!

How do I get involved?

Simply click on the link below to register, registration is totally free as we want as many of you as possible to log your miles. There is an optional ability to donate, with all money being equally split between the Cheshire Home and the local branch of The MS Society, both of which are desperate for funds so please, please do donate if you can.

Then what?

Once you have registered you will be given a Race Nation password for your Race Nation account. From September 3rd you need to update ALL miles that you move. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a text box which states the following:
Activity diary
Please use this field to log dates, activities and mileage of all of the activities that you have completed. You can login to your My Race Account account to update this daily. Please ensure you don’t overwrite any of the existing information provided, just add each additional activity below the previous entry.

Simply add the date, what you did and how many miles you covered. You can have as many entries as you like, as it is simply a list of the activity you have done but please remember to date everything, i.e. "September 3rd - ran 3 miles, walked 5 miles". In addition to this please then total your miles and state the date one more time in the second box, where it will state the following:

Please enter the total amount of miles you have completed along with the relevant date for each set of miles. You can login to your My Race Account account to update this daily.

i.e. September 3rd if you ran 3 miles and walked 5 miles, you would simply put "September 3rd - 8 miles". Click 'update' and its done!

Not only this, but you will also get your own individual or team Sports giving page which means people could sponsor you or your team. Why not set yourself or a group of you a target number of miles and get people to sponsor you all.

Who can enter?

This is the great thing about Million Miles, anyone and everyone can enter! Register individually or as a team (but please remember to donate if you can), so schools, gyms, clubs, work places, nurses, doctors, firemen, policemen ..... who will be our Million Miles champ at the end? The more people that get involved the better log your park runs, your golf rounds, your scooting, your Sunday walks, your runs, rides, swims, kayaking, SUPing, windsurfing ...... I could go on, but in order for this dream to come reality we must log everything!
Whats next?

Register! Register now so that you are ready for the start date of September 3rd.
Share it! Share it on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as the more people that know about it the better. Post events, stories, pictures to the Get Fit Guernsey Facebook page.
Shout about it! During September and even before, shout about it, take photos and videos, and use the hashtag #DoitForDil #millionmilesforMS
Fancy a challenge within the challenge??

I am looking for 28 volunteers to use the famous hand bike during the Million Miles (1 a day). Ideally I would love it to be taken through town to the bridge and back each lunchtime to create even more publicity so please let me know if you think you would like a go!
I know this Million Miles for MS challenge might seem crazy, but if there was ever a community that could do this, I think Guernsey is it We all love to move, and there are endless activities  and opportunities for us all to clock up miles. My uncle would have absolutely loved this and I know he will be looking down and smiling at the thought of it, and be exceptionally jealous that he is not here to lap up all of the attention!

Any questions or problems please feel free to email me, Facebook me, text me, call me.

Maddy Diligent
Owner Get Fit Guernsey

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Tel: 07781 10 96 90