Specialist MS Nurse Support - Debbie Robilliard

MS Nurse - Debbie Robilliard

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am the neurological nurse specialist and cover MS/Parkinson's disease and Motor Neurone disease and split my time accordingly.

My role starts at diagnosis and takes you through your MS journey. I provide information and advice on a range of symptoms and treatments and can link into other heath professionals as needed.

Information and literature

I have a vast array of leaflets and information on pretty much everything to do with MS. So if you require any information please don’t hesitate to contact me. For information about Disease modifying therapies (Document produced by the MS Trust UK), please follow this link.

Contacting me

I have an open referral policy and can be referred to by anybody e.g. person with MS, carer, GP etc. I will make contact with you as soon as possible. Please note due to community commitments, I may not be able to get back to you in the same 24 hour period that you left your message. if you don't like answer phones please just say your name as I can't respond to blank messages. Thank you.

My contact details are:-

Mon,Tues,Wed  9-5 and Thurs 9 - 12.30 based at Princess Elizabeth Hospital  725241ex. 4872. I also hot desk at St. Martins Community Centre and can be contacted on 230000. 

Email debbie.robilliard@gov.gg

Community mobile 07781 133082


In addition to Debbie there are a number of activities which you may like to join.

Coffee afternoons

Coffee afternoon

This is a well supported session held once a month at the Cotils. All are welcome but the group at the moment tends to be most;y in the 40 plus age group.  Activities range from just a chat and cake to fantastic craft sessions. We are very grateful to Liz Hendry for organising these afternoons.

Specialised exercise classes.


Classes are held weekly at Beau Sejour away from the main gym area. For further details please contact Maggie at info@guernseyms.com.

Specialised swimming classes.

Beau Séjour

Once a week Guernsey Disability Swimming has exclusive use of Beau Sejour's swimming pool for disabled swimmers and their carers to use.

For further information please contact Ruth Parsons on 01481 264592.