Specialist MS Nurse Support - Debbie Robilliard

MS Nurse - Debbie Robilliard I am now very well established in my role and thought this would be a good chance to provide you with an overview of what I do and how the MS service can help. My job starts at the point of diagnosis and continues through your MS Journey and it can be as varied as the weather.

I provide information and advice on a range of symptoms and treatments and can link into other health professionals as needed. We now have a very good team working in the MS arena with the latest member being a neuropsychologist.

I am delighted to see how much the service has developed over the years. Here are some of things we can offer.


Monthly MS clinics are now fully established. The visiting neurologist has also increased clinic support. We now are fortunate to have access to a wheelchair service provided by Southampton ,who visit nearly every month and hold a clinic. This is now run by Alice Flower.

Getting to grips

A 6 week course, for the newly diagnosed. This course will provide information about MS and develop various strategies for coping with variety of symptoms.


I am delighted to be working along side a very talented Physio, Kitty Rabey,  and have drawn on her wealth of experience and knowledge. She has been a valuable asset to the team and we continue to strive to improve services for MS.

Fatigue program

The is a group and individualised programme and is run over a few weeks and is aimed at those who have had MS for some time and battle with the fatigue. It provides tips and tricks and coping strategies.

Carer’s support

This is a new programme offered by St John and is aimed at carers/partners who care/live with somebody with MS and provides an opportunity to share your stories, learn more and be given practical advice to help cope with the unpredictable nature of MS.

Coffee afternoon

Coffee afternoon

This is a well supported session held once a month at the Cotils. All are welcome but the group at the moment tends to be most;y in the 40 plus age group.  Activities range from just a chat and cake to fantastic craft sessions. We are grateful to Liz Hendry for her continuing support in these afternoons.

Mission Social

This is my newest social group and is aimed at the people in the earlier stages of MS. We generally meet in a pub or attempt things like yoga. We have done ladies nights and makeup parties, and plan many more events.

Both the coffee afternoon and Mission Social  groups are designed to provide support and meet others in the similar or same stages. We try to steer away from MS topics on these days to allow a sense of normality even if it is for only a few hours.


Information and literature

I now have a vast array of leaflets and information on pretty much everything to do with MS. So if you require any information please don’t hesitate to contact me. For information about Disease modifying therapies (Document produced by the MS Trust UK), please follow this link.

Voluntary Car and Handymen Services

People in need of transport, who are not able to get into a car unaided, or who need to be transported in a wheelchair may take advantage of the States run "Handymen service" .  The service is based at the King Edward hospital and registration is again done through referral from the community nurses, doctor or social worker.

Contacting me

I have an open referral policy and can be referred to by anybody e.g. person with MS, carer, GP etc. I will make contact with you as soon as possible.

My contact details are:-

Mon,Tues,Wed  9-5 and Thurs 9 - 12.30 based at Princess Elizabeth Hospital  ext x 4872 Email debbie.robilliard@gov.gg
Community mobile 07781 133082

Weekend/ out of hours (on call, emergencies only) Contacted via switchboard 725241 only.

Providing local support, advice and education for people with MS.

MS Nurse